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Protecting your home or business from Termites

Your home is your biggest single investment. Having it inspected and protected from pests is one of the most cost-effective things you can do to ensure your home retains its value. Proper identification of the pest is key to assigning the proper corrective action. After treating and resolving the problem, extend your protection with our unique, renewable warranty program.

Take Action, Hire an Expert

Our Process:

  • Effective, thorough inspection
  • Accurately identify the pest
  • Understand its habits and biology
  • Develop the precise treatment and prevention program

Take the stress out of your life knowing that you have hired the experts.


Commercial Termite Services

Termite problems with your business or rental property require a special touch and immediate action.
Talos Pros are acquainted with what needs to be done to put your termite problems behind you.