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Bird Control Services

In Southern California, pigeons, seagulls, and swallows are abundant in urban areas, often nesting in building overhangs or eaves. Their presence can lead to structural damage and health hazards due to their droppings. Our specialists offer effective exclusionary products and techniques to keep birds away and prevent damage to your property.

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Understanding Bird Control:

Birds, often found in urban environments, can be problematic for both homeowners and businesses. They nest in the building overhangs or eaves, causing structural damage and leaving behind unsightly droppings. Effective control measures are crucial to mitigate these issues and maintain a bird-free environment.

What is Bird Control?

Bird control involves managing and preventing bird infestations, particularly in outdoor and commercial settings. It includes methods such as exclusion, deterrents, and habitat modification to eliminate current populations and discourage future nesting. Professional bird control services, like ours, offer tailored solutions to effectively address bird infestations.

Should You Be Concerned About Birds?

Certainly. Birds can cause significant damage to property and pose health risks due to their droppings. Their presence can also disrupt operations for businesses. Seeking professional assistance for bird control is recommended to safely and efficiently manage infestations and maintain a clean and safe environment.


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Bird Control Services

How Bird Control Works

At Talos Pest Control, our bird control services take a holistic approach to eliminate and deter bird infestations. Our specialists meticulously inspect your property to identify nesting areas and entry points, strategically placing deterrents and exclusion measures. We prioritize humane methods and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring the safety of both birds and the environment. With customized treatment plans, we promise a bird-free environment, safeguarding your property from the detrimental impacts of infestations and providing you with peace of mind. 

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Bird Inspection
and Removal

We inspect your property to locate bird feeding, watering, roosting, and nesting areas, considering risks to non-targeted species before removal.

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Deter bird nesting and roosting with bird repellents, physical barriers, and electronic controls, making your business less welcoming to birds.

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Monitoring and Professional Services

We conduct regular inspections to assess the effectiveness of your bird control program, provide recommendations, and document the bird removal process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several bird species can become nuisances in urban and suburban environments, including pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and seagulls. These birds often seek shelter in buildings, nest in eaves or vents, and leave droppings that can create health hazards and property damage. Identifying the specific bird species involved is crucial for implementing effective deterrent and control measures.

At Talos Pest Control, we offer a range of humane and effective solutions for bird deterrent and control. Our approach typically begins with a thorough assessment of your property to identify the bird species present and the extent of the problem. Based on this assessment, we recommend tailored solutions such as bird spikes, netting, bird repellents, or bird trapping and relocation, all designed to deter birds from roosting or nesting on your property while ensuring their welfare.

Yes, our bird deterrent and control methods prioritize the safety of both non-target wildlife and the environment. We utilize humane techniques and eco-friendly products that do not harm birds or pose risks to other animals. Our team is trained in the proper application of these methods to minimize any adverse effects on the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, we provide guidance on ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure continued effectiveness while preserving biodiversity.

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on factors such as the bird species involved, the size of the infestation, and the effectiveness of the chosen deterrent and control methods. In many cases, you may notice a reduction in bird activity shortly after implementation. However, it’s essential to allow some time for the birds to adjust to the deterrent measures fully. Our team can provide guidance on the expected timeline for seeing significant results and offer follow-up inspections to ensure the long-term success of the program.

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