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Attic Restoration

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Our Talos Attic Restoration Services team specializes in local attic issues. We'll inspect your attic, pinpoint problems, and customize a plan to restore and protect it.

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Understanding Attic Issues

Attics, often overlooked, can suffer from insulation deterioration, pest infestations, and moisture problems, leading to energy inefficiency and structural damage. Proper attic restoration involves diagnosing these issues through thorough inspections, repairing damages, and updating insulation to improve home comfort and energy savings.

What is Attic Insulation and Restoration?

Attic insulation and restoration involve upgrading your attic’s condition to enhance its functionality and energy efficiency. This process includes sealing leaks, installing new insulation, and addressing any pest or water damage. Professionals in this field use specialized techniques and materials to ensure your attic is properly insulated and restored, tailoring solutions to the specific needs of your home.

Should You Be Concerned About Your Attic's Condition?

A compromised attic can lead to higher energy bills, uncomfortable indoor temperatures, and potential health risks from mold and pests. Ensuring your attic is well-maintained not only protects your property but also enhances its overall energy efficiency. Regular inspections and timely restoration can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems, preserving the structural integrity and value of your home.


Attic Services

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Integrated Attic Cleaning

Attic Insulation Removal, Attic Cleaning, Sanitizing and Replacement all-in-one.

Integrated Insulation Removal

We like to get our hands dirty – well, gloves really! You get the point.

Install Attic

Insulation is itchy, let us do the hard work.

Attic Air Sealing

Achieve better efficiency and comfort in your home.

Rodent Proofing

We can’t let the pests ruin our good work! Once the attic is clean let’s keep the pests out.

Rodent Cleanup

Pests make a mess, we’ll clean it up. It’s not easy work but somebody’s gotta do it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Talos® specializes in comprehensive attic insulation and restoration services. Our offerings include thorough inspections, damage repair, insulation upgrades, and solutions for moisture and pest issues.

Signs that your attic may require restoration include visible insulation damage, unusual smells, increased energy bills, or signs of pests. We recommend scheduling an inspection if you notice any of these issues.

Proper attic insulation helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures, reduces energy consumption, and lowers utility bills. It also improves indoor air quality and reduces the likelihood of moisture-related issues and structural damage.

We recommend inspecting your attic at least once a year or after any significant weather events. Regular inspections can help catch issues early, potentially saving you time and money on repairs.

Yes, Talos® provides solutions for pest infestations in the attic. We identify the type of pest, assess the extent of the infestation, and apply appropriate measures to eradicate pests and prevent future issues.

The duration of an attic restoration project depends on the extent of the damage and the specific services required. Minor repairs might take a few hours, while more extensive restorations could take several days. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring high-quality results.

You can request to schedule a service by visiting our website and filling out the contact form, or by calling us at 888-998-2847. We’ll arrange a convenient time for an inspection and provide you with a detailed quote.

Yes, Talos® stands behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Specific warranty details for insulation and restoration services will be provided at the time of service.

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